Slow Joggers’ stories: Becky in Boone, NC, USA


I have been overweight for all of my adult life. I was active in sports in high school and college and unfortunately incurred some arthritis years later from all of the competitive abuse. So, sports are great in some ways but can be harmful in others.

I got more and more achy and overweight from a sedentary lifestyle.

One holiday break I saw Dr. Tanaka’s book, “Slow Jogging,” at the library and picked it up.

It was fascinating to me! There was so much data backing up what Dr. Tanaka wrote and the whole concept just rang true to me.

Recently, I fell and suffered a ligament tear and sprain in my left ankle. My physical therapist taught me that if I build up my mid-foot, among other exercises, it would strengthen my ankle and help ease my plantar fasciitis pain (yes, I have had plantar fasciitis for many years, too).


I immediately thought of Slow Jogging and how we are to land on mid-foot, rather than heel strike. I made the connection in my mind to resume my Slow Jogging routine as part of my recovery.

In the attached photos my son took for me recently, I am slow jogging on a crisp, clear February day. As you can see, I am overweight and achy from the arthritis and recent ankle injury, but I am able to slow jog!

I did have a little bit of soreness the next day, but with everything I have been through recently and with the extra weight I am carrying, I am just thrilled to be able to do any exercise at all.

Thank you Dr. Tanaka and the community of Slow Jogging! People living in my area have not heard of it, yet, so I appreciate the support from your facebook community.

I would love to bring Slow Jogging to the U.S. and form a national headquarters to start organizing Slow Jogging Groups where there are regular outreach, support, and activities, groups can do together in support of their Slow Jogging habit.



I look forward to meeting you one day soon. I am very grateful to have found out about Slow Jogging through your fascinating work.”





Thank you so much Becky for your great, inspirational story! Who will be next? We are always looking to hear from slow joggers from around the world: your experience, photos and videos are more than welcome!!!

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