Slow Jogging T-shirts!


For quite a while you have been asking about Slow Jogging T-shirts and we have been looking into how to make it possible. Printing and sending just one shirt at a time to so many countries around the globe is not that easy.
Slow Jogging International Custom Ink Fundraising

A fundraiser seems to be the easiest way, but we have limited options here: there is just one design (the one you voted for via Facebook :)) and two color options in a male and female fit to choose from.  This is our first, trial fundraiser – if it works well and you like it and want to see a bigger variety of colors and designs, we can definitely do it in the future!

***To get the T-shirt please order it in the next 2 weeks!***

And if you like what we do and want to support our activities, you can do it by adding a donation to your order.

We are sorry, but the shipment options are limited at the moment. Let us know if your country is not on the list and we will look into other options!

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