Meet Rebecca!


Everyone, meet Rebecca!

“I wanted to send the biggest heartfelt thank you for sharing slow jogging with the world. After I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I understood why I had lost the ability to run (or do a lot of exercising – I was part of the “no pain – no gain” mindset) and became unhealthy. Yesterday I slow jogged for 15 minutes – where I smiled the whole time! I’m doing a virtual race now, but I can imagine myself returning to 10Ks, and maybe even longer races, in the near future – and I thought I’d never be able to do those again. So thank you for sharing this method – you have truly made my life better on many levels.

In the month-and-a-half that I’ve been slow jogging, I’ve very easily lost 21 pounds. I started slow jogging at my highest weight of 240 lbs. I get regular runner’s highs (which never happened when I was running in the past pre-fibromyalgia). With fibro, mornings can be really tough to do physical activity, but I went for 25 minutes this morning (on a rainy morning which can be added fibro pain) and it felt like I could’ve run for hours. I’m in awe of Slow Jogging and am a HUGE advocate.
If I can inspire others to give Slow Jogging a try, then I’ll be thrilled beyond words.”

THANK YOU REBECCA! You are an inspiration. Keep jogging and smiling! All the best!

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