4th International Slow Jogging Day


Thank you all so much for celebrating the 4th International Slow Jogging Day with us on May 22nd 2021!

So far we know about joggers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Poland, Romania, Finland, United States (Maryland, Tennessee, Minnesota, Oregon, Nebraska and Hawaii), Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Nepal, Czech Republic and Germany!!!
Let us know where else you jogged!

Here is a small video with all your photos:
4th International Slow Jogging Day in memory of Prof. Hiroaki Tanaka, May 22nd 2021 – YouTube

Actually we are still celebrating with a special deal on our online lectures:

(You can enroll now with a discount and watch it anytime later. The access is unlimited!)

We also offer another batch of our unique Slow Jogging t-shirts:
(Shipping to many countries worldwide available!)

Thanks for being here!

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