Effects of a 12-week Slow Jogging program on the decrease in metabolic syndrome risk factors in a 55 years old male – case study


We have big and exciting news today! The first (that we know of 😊) Master Thesis researching the field of Slow Jogging outside of Japan has just been published in Poland. Huge congratulations to Dominika!

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Here is Dominika (in the middle) back in 2016 when she completed her education for a certified Slow Jogging instructor with Prof. Hiroaki Tanaka (on the left) and Magdalena Jackowska (on the right).

Dominika’s thesis was published at Medical University of Warsaw and is only available in Polish, but here is a short abstract for those of you who are curious about the results:

Effects of a 12-week Slow-Jogging program on the decrease in metabolic syndrome risks in a 55 years old male – case study

Methods: The subject in this study was a 55 year old male at risk of metabolic syndrome. During a period of 3 months he practiced Slow Jogging 3 times a week, 60 minutes at a time. No other changes were made to his daily lifestyle and his eating habits remained the same as prior to the experiment. His blood pressure, heartrate, distance covered, energy expenditure and steps count were recorded daily. Additionally blood morphology, body weight and waist circumference measurements were performed 4 times: prior to the experiment, after each month and after at the end of the experiment.  

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The subject of the study during his daily Slow Jogging routine

Results: Average evening blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure throughout the day significantly improved. Total cholesterol, glucose and triglyceride values significantly decreased. HDL remained at a relatively same value – and what’s important – it didn’t decrease. Progressive weight loss of 1kg body weight per month was observed. There was no difference noted in the waist circumference.

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The subject of the study with Professor Tanaka

Conclusions: Slow Jogging proved to have positive influence on most metabolic syndrome risk factors resulting in decreased risk of the disease. Slow Jogging training can be recommended in both prevention and therapy of the metabolic syndrome. It’s also a versatile and accessible form of exercise for everyone with multiple health benefits.   

Dominika, thanks for sharing your study with us!

If you are new to Slow Jogging, here a short reminder on how to start your Slow Jogging adventure:

And if you would like to know more – here is our online Slow Jogging course that you can now access at a discounted price only via the link below:


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