“Easy to watch and understand, a great fitness tool that I will now use” + new lectures coming soon!


It’s been almost a year since we started our Slow Jogging lectures online and so far we had 278 students from 45 countries! It exceeded our expectations and makes us really happy. Thank you!


We are really grateful to be able to share our Slow Jogging passion with so many of you around the world. Your comments and encouragement inspired us to plan a new course, in particular for those who want to run a marathon. The new course is coming soon and in the meantime we’d love to hear from you. Is there something in particular you would like to learn about?

We’ve received so many great comments – take a look at what our students said about the course and Slow Jogging:

“This approach provides me the ability to jog for years.”

“I have Prof Tanaka’s book, this course is good to reinforce the practice.”

“Great introduction to slow jogging. I have been slow jogging since the Covid pandemic started and it has helped maintain and improve my physical and mental health during this difficult time. Good instructions and easy to follow videos.”

“This was great background and a useful visual tutorial.”

Thank you!!!

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