Slow Jogging in Olsztyn


Hello everyone!

We are a team from Poland – Slow Jogging in Olsztyn.

My name is Justyna Witkowska – I’m the founder of our team, a certified Slow Jogging Instructor and a local Slow Jogging leader in my area.

In Slow Jogging in Olsztyn we are all good friends. We practice Slow Jogging 3 times a week and not only work on our technique but just spend good time together. Everybody is important so a new-comer doesn’t feel he or she came for the first time. Everyone can feel our friendly atmosphere and kindness. There is more than 30 of us!

Our area is really beautiful. We are located near forests and lakes so we jog close to nature. 

Our team participated in the last year’s Slow Jogging International Day in great numbers. We feel great being part of this community!

We also completed our first half-marathon. We worked as a team, encouraged each other and did it!

In November last year we celebrated our first anniversary. We are all proud to be members of Slow Jogging in Olsztyn team. Our wish is to jog until the end the world and one day longer!

Our team is happy to participate in various races for charity and raised money for a paralyzed boy, Lukasz.

We also participated in a race of Santas raising money for a psychiatric ward at a local hospital. Actually our team won a prize for the biggest team – we were 45 Slow Jogging Santas!

Since January 2022 we started our own charity trainings once a week and we have helped a family who lost their house in a fire and a paralyzed runner to get rehabilitation. Since March we have been helping Ukrainians who came to Poland. And we are not going to stop here!

We would like to say hello to the whole international Slow Jogging community from our beautiful and magical city of Olsztyn. We encourage you to create your teams* in your countries and cities. Slow Jogging is a great way to do something good for yourself and for others.  Niko niko power forever!

You can visit and like us here: 🙂

*If you are interesting in promoting Slow Jogging in your area take a look here and let us know!

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